Tuesday, November 22, 2011

fun day

It sure was another fun day at Hookipa yesterday.
Between my early and late session, I took some pics. Here we go in chronological order.

Ricardo Campello is on the island and you definitely can notice him in the water.

Camille with a well positioned water photographer.

Wonder how those shots came out.

Nayra little aerial.

Don't be fooled by the standup paddler. I was windy (I was on a 4.2). It's just that when you only do one sport, you do it no matter what the conditions are, I guess... that's why I'm very happy to do three and I wouldn't mind to do four, but I'll get back to this towards the end of the post.

Bernd coming down from a nice backloop.

Dear Griffin, I highly doubt you landed that, but some photos look sick no matter what!

Bernd is becoming an aerial machine. His style is getting so clean that he reminds me of two great aerialists: Josh Stone and Mark Angulo. Not a bad compliment!

Here we go, there's now a rule for kiters too at Hookipa.
I'll let you read it (click on the photo to make it bigger).
I don't think it will change much. The only case in which there's less than 10 between surfers and windsurfers at the point are those 3-5 days a year in which the waves are so big that only very few people can be out. And in that case, kiters won't bother anyone. That's how I see it.

But I'd like to add a couple of more words on the topic.
This windsurfers hate kiters or surfers hate windsurfers is just plain ridicolous. What are we, 6 years old kids?
For me kiting is just another way to enjoy the ocean and ride waves. I have a lot of respect for all the kiters and am friends with a bunch of them. I would be myself into kiting if it wasn't for the following reasons:
1) it's still too dangerous
2) there is no conditions that I can't have fun with, with the three sports that already do
3) kiting in Maui is limited in where you can go. The only fact that you can't kite Hookipa (well, no you can under the conditions of that sign), is enough for me to say:"screw that"!

Sure, kites take more room and it's dangerous to be hit by their lines, but how much room do you have and how dangerous it is when there's five windsurfers on the same wave (seen that a couple of times at Hookipa yesterday and all the times at Kanaha)?
Let's stop being like little kids and respect each other more.

Last, but excuse me not least, blog author in a nice shot taken from this gallery by Sofie.

No wait, this morning's weather map looks pretty impressive... big waves are on the way for Thursday/Friday!

PS. sorry about mistakes, no time to review this post... got a surfboard to try...


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Berndt on Goya sails??