Monday, November 21, 2011

second official Paia Bay Invitational forecast

It's monday morning, and this is the weather map we were hoping for the contest.
As you can see, in fact, that fetch north of the island will send a swell that is confirmed to be around 5 feet on Thanksgiving day. See you guys at the beach!

A couple of more maps.
This one is forecasted for Friday 25 and it shows another northerly fetch. This time longer and way closer to the islands. It will create a big swell that will hit a couple of days later. Sunday and Monday should be windy too, Hookipa might be mast high plus.

This other one is forecasted for the 28 (last day available). It shows a nice little NW fetch that could evolve into something big, but most importantly shows a comforting lack of high pressure north of the islands.
I'd like to take it as a sign of a weather change. I'm definitely over these strong and gusty easterly trades that bring so much rain and I look forward to some beautiful sunny windless winter days. We'll see.

Yesterday Hookipa was occasionally logo high, thanks to the NNE swell forecasted a couple of posts ago. Today should be a bit smaller, but during the day the NW swell (see same post) should start showing up. There's already small waves at Haleiwa, hence the reef hawaiian pro got finally underway.

This shot is from Jimmie's gallery from yesterday. I love when Kauli does the top turn in the air and lands it sticking the whole board back on the face of the wave.

This one instead is from the day before (gallery) and shows the blog author doing a slide at the top of a wave. Not too bad, but what a difference with the good guys! Oh well, there's only one way to get better... lots of practice!

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