Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's the morning of the 24th...

...and the Waimea buoy reads 6.7ft @ 13s from NNW (347°).

That means that the annual Paia Bay invitational will have plenty waves.
Unfortunately an extremely small percentage of them will be rideable (that's always the case at Paia Bay...).
Yesterday, for example, I had an hour to surf before work. Hookipa looked like victory at sea (very stormy) and so I thought to go do a bit of training on the wave of the contest. In one hour, completely alone, I stood up once (and went straight because it was a close out). Imagine my chances in a heat!
Who cares, it's all about having fun with friends on the beach...

Here's the shot that I was hoping some photographer got. Kinda felt a bit more radical than that when I did it, but I guess that's often the case. Thanks Sofie. This is her gallery of Nov 22 (I got a bit confused, but I now linked her gallery of Nov 21 in my "fun day" post).

I'm hearing some excitement about a possible Jaws day on Sunday.
Yes, with a forecast of 12 feet, 14 seconds from around 330 like the one below, Jaws will most likely break.

And tomorrow's forecasted weather map confirms the fetch that will generate the swell.

BUT, let's have a look at Sunday's weather map.

As you can see, it will be windy, but the shape of the high pressure will cause a decent NE windswell (uncle Pat forecasted it at 10 feet, 9 seconds in his forecast last Tuesday). That means a huge amount of chop on the face.
I'm no expert of Jaws by any means, but I think it will be less than ideal.
Not that I particularly care... I have no interest whatsover in sailing Jaws, plus it will be good somewhere else.

Happy Thanksgiving and eat a salad instead of a bird! (yeah, right...)

PS. Here, let me leave you with another weather map, this one of the South Pacific on Saturday 26th. You know what that means...

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