Monday, November 14, 2011

goodbye Prince

Among many others, there was one thing that gave me (like if I needed it...) another confirmation that moving in this time zone of the world was a good idea.

My favorite dj on my favorite radio was a guy called Prince Faster (Sandro his real name). His program aired at 6pm every week day in Rome, the city where I lived the last 11 years before moving to Maui.
Usually, at 6pm I was still at work. I was actually working in average till past 8pm (yeah, that's the life of a salesman for a big corporation like Hewlett-Packard) and I was frustratingly only catching the last part of Prince Faster's program.

In Maui, instead, I would listen to it live over the internet and often catch the show's starting signature tune as the music I woke up with... I can't think of a better background soundtrack for my buoy readings morning check.
This is the song, best reggae song you'll ever listen to. I strongly recommend to click on the "more" button to follow the lirycs.
Of course Price's program started with when the trumpets kick in...

Lately I found a software on the net that allowed me to record whatever music was played by my computer. I could then record his all show in the form of an mp3 file, put it on a memory stick, and listen to it later in my car, while driving around looking for the best waves in this gorgeous island.

Up to yesterday, knowing that there was a show every day, I used to delete the programs once I listened to them. But now that I learned that UN-FUCKING-FORTUNATELY Prince Faster is not working at Radio Rock anymore, I'm so gonna keep those few more programs I still have on my disk!
One day they're going to be like relics to me. They already are, actually.

Well, I'd like to thank Price Faster for all the fantastic music I had the pleasure to listen to thanks to his deep knowledge of all musical genres.
For example, just tonight, love when things like these happen, I ran into a video on Facebook that is - BY FAR - the best music video I've ever seen!
Rammstein is only one of the many bands that I would ever never got into, if it wasn't for Prince Faster.
It is absolutely mandatory that you let it load, connect some good speakers to your computer and, as Prince would say with a very calm, serious, intense voice... "alzate il volume della vostra radio!"
(pump up the volume of your radio!"
He wouldn't say that often, but when he did you knew that something good was coming at you on the FM...

Rammstein - Mein Land from Rammstein on Vimeo.


Weasel's Wake said...

Love Mikey Dread, but Rammstein?
When I'm on Maui it's KPOI for me, I listen to it online here in Cali.
the best station I've ever come across anywhere.
Better than anything here in the 48 for sure.

nico said...

in rete ci sono delle perle e spesso le trovo qui. grazie gp