Saturday, March 03, 2018

Saturday 3 3 18 morning call

A longboard session and one reach of windfoiling for me yesterday, as the conditions for a foiling downwind did not materialize. No shots of the day, here's an image from Ben Thouard.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore

6.5ft @ 10s from 94° (E)
1.5ft @ 15s from 142° (SE)

9.7ft @ 10s from 92° (E)
2ft @ 15s from 138° (SE)

Nice couple of long period southerly readings at the buoys. The SE direction is not correct as it's influenced by the strong easterly windswell hitting the buoys at the same time, but we don't particularly care about that. Yesterday I posted the collage of the fetches that made this swell, you look at their position and you know the direction. Stay tuned for a beach report from the Lahaina side later this morning. Yesterday it was still all about the refracted windswell.

North shore
6.7ft @ 10s from 95° (E)
4.5ft @ 6s from 79° (ENE)
Still purely windswell on the north shore. Got to wait until tomorrow to possibly see something different.
Wind map at noon.

North Pacific shows a couple of small fractional fetches (the main fetch is oriented towards somewhere else, as the red arrows show) and the easterly fetch getting shorter and shorter.

Nothing of relevance in the South Pacific.

Morning sky.

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