Sunday, June 28, 2009

a break from Oahu

Here's a list of things that happened yesterday (day 24):

- most of Waikiki breaks were still closing out
- the wind was too light at Da Spot (and the forecast calls for even lighter winds: no wavesailing there for a while)
- my body was still sore and in need of rest
- I was missing Maui and my friends

So I got online and bought a ticket to Maui (from where I'm posting now).
That's another great thing about this awesome surf/windsurf trip: I'm not in Indo or Central America or in some other remote spot. I'm a 25 minutes $49 flight from home!
How long am I going to stay in Maui? No idea...
Am I going to blog? No idea...
Am I going to surf? Yes.
Am I going to check out this Paia fest? Possible.
Am I going to attend this Quatro/Goya demo day at Kanaha on July 1st? Maybe (if I'm still here).

In the meantime, enjoy this dramatic sunset from two days ago. Yesterday's was even better, but I was at the airport...


nico said...

pretty strange.. can't say you're/this blog is boring!
have fun

Anonymous said...

hi giampaolo,

big compliments for your blog - you have a great talent to deliver the aloha spirit along with your stories! I had the privilege to live on Oahu myself for a little while (2004 -2008) and Da spot was more or less my "living room" during that time...a gorgeous place to be in the water! Check it out in the morning if you get a chance...often the wind is more steady and perfectly side-/side-offshore from 9/10 am until noonish - ideally with a 0.5-1 foot tide :)

BTW, the spot on the right side of the channel (lil further downwind) can get unreal long rights (couple hundred yards) on a s/sw swell...great surfing if you catch it before the afternoon crowds!

Next time you see Thomas say hi from the german with the crown vic...


mystery bob said...

'nuff said Fred!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, if only temporarily.
That's a beautiful photograph of the sunset - almost up to Sharon's standard!!!!

Thanks for the explanation about your massage, I obviously hadn't read the original explanation properly! Hope you're feeling much better now:-)


cammar said...

Randy left this comment:

"I don't know about Da Spot but D-Head was on fire for the hardcore sailers, with logo to mast high waves. Yes the wind was light but what's new, it's Oahu! Local boy Kaoru, Clay and Bob Had a great time with almost no surfers in the break! They used 5.0 to 5.3s on sat. Hope you'll come back for more fun? Aloha Randy "

Thanks everyone for the comments and for checking this blog!