Thursday, June 25, 2009

oahu day 21 - secret spot

Scott took me to a secret spot. Amazing how in multi million inhabitants Honolulu you can still find a spot to surf completely alone. Very difficult to access, took us 30 minutes from the car to the waves, which unfortunately weren't epic, but the whole experience was worth it anyway.

This photo is from last week.

Waves weren't great at Da Spot either (also because I got there late with the high tide) and that made for an under the average day (total 14 waves).

Wave count up to date.
windsurfing: 288
surfing: 188
total: 476
average per day: 22.7

Blog author spotted while inspecting his favorite grocery store department. Nothing like the taste of a fresh fruit...


Anonymous said...

that wave average never stops increasing... nice job

cammar said...

Actually the wave average just went from 23.1 to 22.7... I guess you meant the wave total.