Wednesday, June 24, 2009

oahu day 20 - the start of a new long lasting south swell

South swell is back and the waves at Da Spot were in the head high range. I caught 33 of them in two sessions. In the break I let a sailor called Thomas try my 81l Quatro twinzer.

Here's a couple of shots that should show what he will then say in the lil interview below.

Damn, this place is so bad for photos...

BTW, I'm not sure what model is his sail, but I looked up the weight of a 09 Zone 5.2 and that's 3.93 kilos. The weight of a 4.7 Superfreak ultralight is 3.32 (a 5.3 weights 3.50). That's 600 grams (1.3 pounds). And that in light wind makes a huge difference...

Wave count up to date.
windsurfing: 284
surfing: 178
total: 462
average per day: 23.1

Pat Caldwell is back (thank God for that!) and he says that the weekend swell will not be as big as the one last week. That is a good thing, since most breaks in Waikiki were closing out last week...
Go to go surf!


Anonymous said...

Listened to your interview with Thomas and I could do with a translation running at the same time! You surfers have a language all your own.


Ray said...

GP! Stand on top your car, climb a tree, jump, anything to get a better vantage!


cammar said...

Yo Ray,
I believe my climbing skills are be a bit rusty, since last time I climbed a tree I was thirteen... but I may give it a try.
PS. That'll be YOUR car, eventually.

thomas said...

hola dude,

i just blew my cash on exactly the same board. bought it from one of the traveling windsurfers here on oahu

your fault!!!

totally stoked on it