Saturday, June 06, 2009

Oahu day 2 - the real post

Here we go, a few pictures from Friday June 5th.

The low tide exposes some reef and some human trash... plastic, of course.

At Ala Moana Bowls the Hawaii State Surfing Championships was taking place. A Menehune heat hits the water.

Cutback towards a submarine!

Despite the small size of the waves, the bowl was still bowling and barreling. Not big enough to get shacked, but plenty lips to destroy.

This is the break I surfed the day before and again Friday early morning. See what I mean with very, very rippable?

Still going...

Back to Bowls.

Now this guy got to be local! Or was he imported too?

"Psst! Hey, I think that guy is taking a photo of us..."

I wonder if Philippe Petit would rope-walk between this two buldings. What an inspirational movie that was!

Tennis courts. That's the name of the spot, you guys...

Looks like chicks following the mom...

Someone sent dad to do the job. Nice meeting you brah!

West side Maui boy, windsurfing legend son and windsurfing co-inventor grandson Zane Schweitzer advanced in his first heat (don't know about the next ones). You can see a nice turn of him on the above website at this page (reply "don't allow" if you get prompted a question about the clipboard).

Here you can see the blog author trying to take some videos with that useless Samsung video camera (that will soon be returned to Costco).
I ordered this other one as a replacement. It will arrive on Thursday... can't wait.
In the meantime, I keep taking videos (believe it or not, much better ones) with my old trusty Sony...
Just a couple of clips to show you again the extreme "rippabilitiness" of these waves.

Session reports.
I surfed early morning and caught 20 little fun waves.
I sailed the new spot in the afternoon and caught 20 more fun waves. As a sign of respect for the locals (I don't want to piss off anybody), I won't mention the real name of the spot, but I'll refer to it as "da spot".
Way better than DH, according to the locals it was a fairly shitty day... can't wait to get it with better conditions! Actually I won't have to wait much, since better conditions are just around the corner.
Let me briefly quote uncle Pat, in fact.
"Summary: south shores trending up".
"South shore surf observations starting in 1972 suggest the climatological peak of the south shore surf season is centered on the second week of June. The recent weather pattern to the SE through NE of New Zealand indicates that this year should fit well with climatology."

Sounds good to me!

Everything is going well over here. I'm overly stoked to be doing what I'm doing. Everything is new, new places, new waves, new people, etc. The main problem I'm having (think about how tough my life is!) is that I have to find a place where to buy vegetables at a reasonable price. Yesterday I stepped into a Whole Foods store and I almost had a heart attach when the cashier told me the total.
In other words, the only thing I'm missing of Maui so far, is Cash&Carry... not too bad.

BTW, thanks for the shitty Maui conditions reports, keep them coming...
I feel that I need to spend a few words here. A lot of people choose Maui as a summer windsurfing vacation. I, instead, think that Maui in summer is shitty and leave to Oahu. So, where is the discrepancy?
Well, first I'm as spoiled as you can possibly imagine and second it's a matter of personal preferences. In order to have fun in the ocean, I need waves. And I don't mind if it's surfing or windsurfing. In other words, I'd take a surfing day with 2 feet waves over a 25 knots flat or even bump and jump windsurfing day all the times.

So that's the difference and so there's no discrepancy.
Oahu has already showed me great wavesailing potential in two sessions, but we're talking conditions that most people wouldn't even bother rigging. The wind is light, gusty, on/off. If you like planing full power, don't be deceived by my enthusiastic Oahu reports... Maui is the place to go!
Quatro 81l twin fin and Hot Sails Maui Superfreak Ultralight are the perfect match for these conditions and they both received quite some interest from the local sailors, who - from what I understand - don't have all that much of a choice.

This Saturday morning the tide is low and the swell is fading, but a new one should start picking up in the afternoon, so I decided to take a rest and make this long post.
Oh yeah, not photos of girls yet? Wait until I receive the ones I took in my yesterday's outing on a borrowed camera...

Total wave count up to day 2 (I'm clearly saving the stats in a spreadsheet):
surfing: 37
windsurfing: 26
total: 63
Not that I really care about the quantity, but it would be nice to reach 1000.
"A thousand waves in Oahu"... that could be the title of the movie... if I'm ever going to do it! I like taking photos a lot better, but we'll see...

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