Monday, June 29, 2009

La Perouse

Well, there's waves in Maui too.

Actually, as I said already, when the buoys are at four feet or more, I think Maui is better than Oahu! This photos are from Sunday, when the buoys were already down to three feet.. not bad.
Unfortunately this morning they are at two feet and that's when Oahu is 100 times better than Maui. I just saw a beautiful shoulder to head high set hitting Ala Moana on the webcam... let's see what kind of waves I'll find on the Lahaina side instead.
In the meantime, enjoy a few pics from La Perouse.

Beutiful top turn on a sweet Kazuma with parabolic stringers on the rails.

A little mini sequence dedicated to Hookipa lifeguard Kaleo Amadeo who, on top of being a super nice guy, is always one of the best surfers out there.
That's the bottom turn.

A little cuttie.

Another bottom turn.

Somewhere in there lies Rich Foster...

This guy had a close encounter with the rocks. Well, at least the ranger helping him seems nice and friendly!

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Byrd said...

More of a message...
Were you a painter in summer 2001 on maui? or did you know the italian guys that were and sailed sprecks all the time? just curious, i was just there, passing through...