Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oahu day 19 - more windsurfing

I just discovered another lovely characteristic of Da Spot: it's always better than what it looks like from the beach...
38 waves caught in a single session of two hours, once again most of the time completely alone. That's almost a wave every 3 minutes... quite impressive, considering that I was planing for only 10% of the time!

Didn't take any action shot, so you'll have to live with this couple of ones taken by Sharon on the north shore last Friday.
This guy was bodyboarding Pipe... unbelievable! He only had one arm, but I'm pretty sure he had at least three balls.

Despite the fact that he had both arms still attached, this other guy was only taking photos of Pipe for his blog, instead.

Wave count up to date.
windsurfing: 251
surfing: 178
total: 429
average per day: 22.5

There we go. Once again, the Maui County is trying to enforce restrictive rules to surfing/windsurfing/kitesurfing/any ocean sport schools. Here you'll find a few email addresses where to eventually send your opinion... by Friday 6/26 9am!


Meesh said...

Was pipe not "doable"?? Looked pretty good in the pics.... but I know how that goes.

Anonymous said...

The guy sitting on the rock looks as though he's waiting patiently for the #3 surf board to go past to take him round to the next bay!

Makes a change from waiting for the bus that never comes :-)


cammar said...

Pipe was doable but still pretty damn heavy and I had no desire at all to try it.
One of the many aspects that make a good surfer, IMO, is to be able to assess conditions against own skills. If I went out, I would have put those 10 other people in the lineup in serious danger.

Plus, just in case someone was wondering, I have no ego driven desire to do it just to say:"Hey, I surfed Pipeline"... I'm 46, I'm over that shit.

A spot called Leftovers, just passed Laniakea, looked totally doable and fun instead.
The reason I didn't surf there was because I was a bit tired (too much wine the night before?) and wanted to save my energies for a Backyards sailing session, which didn't happen because it didn't look good.
Tristan Boxford told me that he sailed it later in the afternoon, but confirmed that the wind wasn't that good.