Wednesday, June 10, 2009

oahu day 7

Can't believe the first week went already. But I got seven more! :) :) :)

No time for photos and stats tonight. The swell is up and I want to ride that China wall again tomorrow: got to go to bed.
But I did find the time to upload some clips from the newly arrived Sanyo video camera. Not 100% convinced, but sure better than the Samsung.
I got plenty photo too, maybe check back tomorrow.


A set at Ala Moana Bowls

This is to show the level of the surfers over there.

Sunset ride.


Davide said...

Com'e' il nuovo gingillo Sanyo?!

cammar said...

Yo Davide,
the new Sanyo is a bit disappointing in this two aspects:
1) when you use the full 30x optical zoom, the image is not sharp and it tends to lose the focus (if it's on standard focus). I tried to fix the focus thing by setting it on manual and maximum distance, but it's still not sharp.
You can see how much sharper the image becomes when I zoom out at the end of the first clip on youtube. BTW you can see it in HD if you click on the youtube logo to go there and then on "watch on HD".
2) image stabilization is poor. forget about ANY kind of zoom of you don't have a tripode.
Havent' tried it in the water yet. Not sure I will, because this one has a one month return policy and I don't want to scratch it before I'm 100% sure I'll keep it... we'll see.

Oh, the photos are useless, but that I already knew from the reviews.

On the good side, when not 100% zoomed in and on a tripode, the image is really good.

cammar said...

Oh and for some reasons it records the files in a way that can't be read directly by my PC if I move the SD card from the camera to the PC. I have to use the USB cable to transfer them. That's a bit annoying.

Dave said...

G, Good to see you are having such a great time! We have been having good conditions all week here on the Lahaina side.Not quite Oahu good,but...... Keep up the great posts!!

meesh said...

Now that's a fken wave!!!! I'm afraid you may start a Maui summer migration.

Anonymous said...

What's the concrete post doing in the middle of the sea? Looks rather dangerous to me. Do you think anyone can understand your reply to Davide - absolute double Dutch to this reader.

But, hey, you sound like a happy camper on Day 7 of your Oahu trip and that's the important thing.