Tuesday, June 16, 2009

oahu day 13 - shoulda rested

Today I learned a very basic rule of surfing.

You surf TOO MUCH the day before? You're gonna suck the day after.
Yeah, yesterday I overdid it (12 days in a row of surfing didn't help either) and this morning I should have just rested. But I'm not too good at resting, so I went out anyway and solemnly sucked.

Fortunately the afternoon light wind wave sailing session raised my moral a bit. I'm now really ready for some action with a tiny little bit more wind please (today on the wave the sail almost got backwinded when going down the line). And that's exactly what should happen starting Thursday. Maybe even tomorrow.

The only "problem" is... what am I going to do with that NW swell (that the NOAA keeps calling small, but I think it's going to be a proper one)?
I might need to call my personal Oahu secret information agency to get directions to Backyards!

This is a lil clip from yesterday. A wave caught way on the shoulder (actually at another peak way down the line), not even remotely as good as the waves on the main peak, but that's what I got on the camera. So that's what you get.

Wave count up to date.
windsurfing: 100
surfing: 170
Grand total: 270

PS. A couple of links:
- the Maui Vmax competition started. Info and blog.
- a facebook page for the fans of Windsurfing magazine.


Anonymous said...

what watch do you use to get your wave count?

cammar said...

this one

Dave said...

100 sailing waves and no photos or video of "da spot". C'mon G lets see something!

cammar said...

No photos from the beach... it's too far.
I'm waiting for the right conditions to put the GoPro on my head... coming up Thursday hopefully!

mix said...

it sounds like you are having a great time....good for you!! But do not say that you are tired and need a rest, please it sounds soo unappropriate, lots of people work, have children and so on..please.
lots of kisses from green ontario!!

Anonymous said...

Wich board did you use for your afternoon light wind wave sailing session ? The sealion ?

cammar said...

Mix, I get a kick at saying inappropriate things... ;)

Anon, I went out on the 81 first and then when it was really almost nothing I added a bit of Sea Lion. It's good to have options.

Anonymous said...

You're filling your days so much that it's hard to keep up with your blog. I'd like to go back to Day 10 and just say, for you, what a lovely change of direction your camera went. Not all your avid viewers are wave enthusiasts - some of us like to people-watch as well. Loved the video of the old girl whooping it up a-hulaering.

Hope you feel rested after your 40 winks.