Saturday, June 27, 2009

oahu day 23 - shiatsu + epic Ala Moana

After 22 days in a row of either surfing and/or windsurfing, I finally had a massage.

I decided to give Shiatsu a try.
Well, it was not even remotely as pleasant as a regular massage, but when I got out of that room, I really felt like a different person. Not necessarily better, but sure different. I felt like the blood was getting to places where it hadn't been in a while...

The therapist strongly recommended to take a day off or two, since the muscles would feel pretty sore before they I could actually feel the advantages of the regained flexibility/softness.
So, believe it or not, yesterday I didn't get in the water! Pretty good timing, I'd say, since the swell was pretty damn big again with most spots in Waikiki closing out.

I went to Ala Moana at sunset and, together with plenty epic rides and barrels that will eventually end up in the Oahu Movie (IF I'm ever going to do it), I shot this clip that, I can guarantee you, will entertain you for a couple of minutes... at least for my colorful language!


Anonymous said...

now that you have to rest why don't you try the surf hero (onboard) mount on a sailing session. Only if you want, but I think this is a great idea. I got stoked with the movies I've made with the boom mount! Whatever I just got to tell you keep riping the hawaaian seas ;)

cammar said...

Why don't I try it? Brah, I've been doing those for years!
Check this one, for example.
Anyway, the hawaiian seas are ripe enough on their own... but I will sure try to keep ripping them! ;)
And if the conditions will allow (not sure about the wind these days), I will try to please you with a boom mount.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what happens with your massage that you have to rest post-pummelling? I thought shiatsu was a small dog but that's another similar sounding name!

Just hope your parents don't check out your blog site with your language young man.


wally said...

Man, that's one boat captain I wouldn't go sailing with. Talk about bad judgement. Nobody wearing PFD's either going through the whitewater.

I wonder if all the passengers could take enough sets on their heads to survive before the surfers rescued them ...

cammar said...

Anne, I told you... blood goes to places where it hadn't been in a while... ;)
My parents don't have internet and don't speak english, so there's no such risk.

Wally, Thomas told me that that (waves closing out the channel) actually happens quite often when there's a big south swell.
It was the first time I witnessed it and, trust me, seeing it live was even more scary, 'cause those waves were big. On the video you only have a real idea of the size when you see the surfers on them.
He also mentioned a website with photos of a boat that wasn't as lucky as the one I filmed and ended up being slummed on the rocks.
Unfortunately, I forgot it, but I'll make sure to ask him next time I see him.

Ray said...

Hahah! Holy jesus, what a crazy captain. Welcome back to maui.

Tim said...

your video made the front page of

Anonymous said...

Yeah Tim,

I posted this vid on the original sailing anarchy thread (Hell Yes) discussing the Ala Moana channel. But it obviously got missed by the editor who did see your post and put it on the front page.

Nice vid though Giampoala!


cammar said...

Tim and Matt, thanks for that!