Monday, June 01, 2009

the wind is back + Oahu quiver + perfect timing

After more than a month, the trade winds are back in Maui.
And there's waves too out of the NE! Both Saturday and Sunday were fun wave sailing days. Here's a few pics from Sunday at Hookipa (sorry, I had the camera on the VGA setting...). Andres.



And Andres again.

Here's the quiver I'm taking with me to Oahu:
- 81l twin fin Quatro
- 70l twin fin Starboard
- 5.3, 4.7, 4.0 Hot Sails Maui Superfreak
- AHD Sea Lion
- 6.10 Kazuma
- 8.6 Town&Country...
Minimal, uh?

Now, look how the forecast for the next days beautifully matches my schedule.
I'm working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. This afternoon (Monday), right after work I'll go put the stuff in the container of the barge that will leave Tuesday morning. Then I'll wavesail the remnant of the NE swell with a backup quiver. BTW, the cost is $1 per cubic foot. I guess it's going to be $100... anyone else want to guess?
Tuedsday and Wednesday afternoon, I'll wavesail a new NW swell, forecasted to peak that day, before catching my flight on Wednesday at 5.51pm.
On Thursday morning, I will go collect my stuff at the Honolulu harbor and either wavesail or surf Diamond head in the afternoon.
There will be a big south swell that will be incredibly long lasting... at least 10 days.
"La fortuna aiuta gli audaci" is a italian saying that translates like "the luck helps the ones who dare"...


Anonymous said...

....luck favours the brave...

Have a good trip

cammar said...

Thanks, I didn't know the english version!

Anonymous said...

Just how many boards are you actually taking GP? You sound like me packing my knickers when I go away for a five-day break!!!!

Have a good time and try to behave - or not, as you wish, I forget you're an Italian and a suggestion like "behave" doesn't come easily :-)


Anonymous said...

In Bocca al lupo e buon viaggio!!....
keep in touch!


Scott said...

I think it's traditionally translated as, "Fortune favors the bold". This proverb was old even during Roman times; Pliny the Elder (died August, 79 AD) was quoted by his nephew as saying, "Fortes fortuna adiuvat".

Just sayin'.

Mega said...

GP Bring a bigger sail 5.3 is not enough @ d-head or kahala or toes on a lot of days

cammar said...

Thanks everyone for the comments.

Mega, that's what I've been told already, but I don't mind slogging and surfing.
I've been out in decent size waves with 81l, 4.7 and 10-12 knots, so with a 5.3 I'm already pushing it.
Unless there's a complete lack of a channel of course...
Well, if I really find out that I need a bigger sail, I can always have one shipped to me (and a 430 mast...).
But thanks for your advice!