Saturday, June 20, 2009

oahu day 16 - north shore

Together with a friend, we went to the north shore and "scored" Pipeline and Sunset breaking (actually even Waimea Bay had waves and three surfers catching them when we drove by!)



A sunset surfer.

BTW, Backyards didn't look windy/good enough, so I decided not to sail there.

I can tell two things for sure about those speedo wearing tourists:
1) they are NOT italians
2) yes, they're gay

Then we stopped by Sandy's and enjoyed watching the body boarders run over each other.

The day ended with a fun sailing session at Da Spot, where I caught 16 waves.
South swell going down a bit, windswell on the rise... I might need to try Diamond Head again.

Wave count up to date.
windsurfing: 152
surfing: 178
total: 330
average per day: 19.4

- blog reader Scott sent this link to photos of surfing in Munich
- Tristan Boxford sent this other link that announces the creation of the Standup World Tour
- my dad just told me on the phone of this tragic death of a kitesurfer in Italy. Caught by a marine tornado. Looking for an english version of the news, I ran into this other one, just a week old.

Last, but not least, please note the introduction of a new video player on the right, in the middle of the banners. This is a beta version of a service provided by an italian site called I added the best videos I had on youtube and vimeo and now you guys can watch them without having to look for them in the archives. Let me know what you think. I think it's kind of cool...


Dave said...

The SUP world tour starts at Teahupoo!?! Nothing like easing into it.....

pat said...

A few weeks ago there was a tragic Kite accident in holland too: one guy died and the other was badly injured due to heavy gusts


Anonymous said...

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