Thursday, June 25, 2009

oahu day 22 - and now back to surfing time!

What another gorgeous day.

Beautiful waves all day long in Waikiki. I surfed Publics in the morning with 5 other people (!).
Then I went to check out Da Spot, but the wind wasn't there. They told me that Diamond Head was sailable, but I had so much fun in the morning that I decided to go back to Publics.
Of course, there were now 44 people, but that was ok for two reasons:
1) I was pretty tired so it was good to only paddle for a few waves
2) it was the first time I took out the Sanyo and shot the surfers from the water.

The idea is pretty cool. Catch a wave, wait on the inside, film the others for a while and then paddle out to catch another one. Still there's something that doesn't quite convince me about that camera. I have till July 4th to return it, so I better decide soon what to do with it...
In the meantime, you guys enjoy this little clip. No, I'm not going to blame the camera for the fact that I lost the surfer for a while... I got to learn that I can't zoom so much.

Waves today: 16
Wave count up to date:
windsurfing: 288
surfing: 204
total: 492
average per day: 22.3

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