Monday, June 08, 2009

Oahu day 5 - China walls

Here's how the China walls chapter of "Surfer's guide to Hawaii" by Greg Amborse ends: "Smaller days will allow you to perfect your slashing techniques on lefts, but if you luck into one of those coveted double overhead days, you'll have saved thousands of dollars and enjoyed just as exciting a session as the blokes who opted for a trip to Bali."

It wasn't double overhead, but the place is unreal... what a spot!
Bodyboarders take off right under the rocks. Check this out:

Surfers instead take off further out. Unfortunately this video doesn't show the potential length of this wave.

Hopefully this photo will do it a little more justice, but it still doesn't render the beauty of this place. Hard to photograph because of the angle, I'll have to figure out something different next time.

Today no windsurfing (the wind was too light)... thank god! I went out again at sunset at Ala Moana In betweens and it was fun. Total waves caught today: 23
Totals up to date.
windsurfing: 57
surfing: 88
Grand total: 145

The forecast is unreal.
There will be waves for at least 10 more days, with trades returning sailable in Oahu around Friday. Damn, when the hell am I going to take a break?!

See you guys, I got to go on google and search: "Honolulu walk-in massage"...

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Windwiner said...

Loving The Oahu posts so far GP, thanks for the entertainment.