Thursday, June 11, 2009

oahu day 8

I don't know how to start this post with... I'll randomly pick some radical tandem standup paddle surfing action.

Enough of that, let's admire the beauty (and strength!) of the body of this woman.

Oh Jesus...

A couple of palms.

Allright, that was a lame attempt at taking photos that are actually not surfing or windsurfing (or butts).
Back to business now.
Yet another lip gets destroyed at Ala Moana bowls.

Uh, I got plenty more together with the report from today, but all of a sudden my body is calling for sleep and so I'll wish you guys sweet dreams and hope to have them myself too.
Actually, just dreaming about my life as it is, that'll be plenty sweet...


Sharon said...

No matter if it's butts or lips, your photo's and adjacent narrative are always a good read.

Anonymous said...

Damn it Sharon, you took the words right off my fingers. Not sure I liked the comment re. wedded bliss - sarcastic sod - absolutely no romance in your soul GP.

Sleep well sweet prince (Shakespeare)'twas the best I could come up with for final comment.