Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Oahu day 6 - the coolest bench in the world

............................is it or what?!

That's where I'm going sit to film China walls next time it goes off. All this hard work just for you guys.
Well, I look all relaxed, but I wish I pushed the movie button instead of the self-timer one, to show you that to get on that bench in 10 seconds wasn't exactly the piecest of the cakes.

After 5 days of more or less intense surfing and windsurfing, my body today decided to go on strike.
Tried anyway on the standup, but I just couldn't paddle hard enough, my moves were clumsy, my balance horrible: too tired.
I caught 10 waves, sucked on all of them and decided to paddle back in.
Problem was that I was out in one of the many spots between Diamond Head and Coco Head and the inside of the lagoon is just so beautiful and calm over there...

"Ok, I'll go for a relaxing stroll up the coast", I decided.
2.5 hours later I was wondering why I was feeling so tired after "a relaxing stroll up the coast"... beautiful, can't use other words.

Meanwhile, on the reef, surfers with muscles that actually responded to nerve impulses, were engaged in situations like this.

It's always sad to see a person, specially a not so young one, that has to wash his cloths in the shower because he can't afford the cost of a laundromat.

Or maybe the a/c of his car suddenly failed and he just got very, very hot!

Or maybe he's having an affair and wants to wash off the perfume of his lover... yeah, let's hope it's like that!

Wave count up to date.
windsurfing: 57
surfing: 87
SUP: 11
Grand total: 155

Well, you guys probably figured that I will likely do a post a day in this trip. Check my blog daily and if you feel like giving back a little of the entertainment (or should I say enlightenment?) you receive by reading it, spread the word and tell your friends/clients about it!


Anonymous said...

In that first picture you look like you've been sitting there so long the tree branch is growing out of your ear! The old guy definitely still has life in him and is washing perfume out of his clothing. Good for him.


Lano said...

I think I saw you in the water as I took the 12.10 to Kahalui today!

cammar said...

instead I was sitting there for about.. 1.5 seconds!

Lano, welcome to Maui! I think I saw you too on that 12.10 flight!