Wednesday, August 08, 2018

9.30am lahaina side is slowing down badly. Mostly waist high now.

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Unknown said...

Your breakdown of hector's swell makes sense logically.. but from my experience with dozens of hurricane swells living in Florida, they always arrived by the time the storm was parallel with us (and we had a similar blocking situation with the Bahamas). Maybe because the swell has been brewing for so long and begins to wrap even before it's unobstructed? I also think it will be a slightly longer period than 10 seconds... my guess is 12 seconds... But I predict that Maui will feel the hurricane swell sooner than predicted. I also predict that it will, sadly, be smaller than expected. The strongest part of the storm (the upper right quadrant) is aimed away from us, and unfortunately we only have the smallest and weakest part of the storms winds pointed at us. I hope I'm wrong!