Sunday, March 01, 2015

3 1 15 morning call

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Other than that, not particularly exciting calls these days.
The wind is and will be from a NE direction that ruins the waves on the north shore and isn't even good for wind related wave riding disciplines.

Pauwela reads 5.9ft @ 9s from 72° (ENE) at 7am and that would be fun if the wind wasn't on it. Instead reports 18mph from NNE  at Hookipa at 7.45am and I'm not even gonna bother go take a picture.
For some reasons, the Waimea and Lanai buoys disappeared from the surfline page (let's hope that's something temporary), so I went to the NOAA page. From that you can kinda guess that there is some energy from the south: 1.3f at around 12-13s.
Used as I am to the surfline buoys, when I look at NOAA table, it seems a bit prehistoric.
Plus it might be misleading. Once again, those are readings that are not broken down in the different periods. The energy associated to the 12s period might easily be less than what indicated by the swell height. Websites like Surfline (I'm sure there's more that do that), analyze the energy distribution for all the periods and come up with a much better indication of what has what (and a much better graphical representation too).
But for today that's what we get and I would strongly recommend to check the webcams if you wonna go south shore. Which is the place to go if you wonna be in the water today, since the north shore is going to be horrible (from the waves point of view, of course).

Quite a bit of rain yesterday and last night, but the worse seems to have moved NE of us. Satellite picture is from 7am.


Still a bit of rain hanging around though, but it should get better... at least for today.

Wind map shows a couple of not so strong fetches, better than nothing. But the problem is the NNE winds that follow the front that just passed over the islands.
Oh well, can't always be picture perfect, otherwise we wouldn't appreciate it anymore.
Have fun in the sun everyone!

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