Friday, March 13, 2015

3 13 15 morning call

Fun longboard session yesterday early morning before the onshore wind picked up.
Couple of people in the water thanked me for advising them to surf early... my pleasure you guys.

One who doesn't need my advice in terms of surfing early or where to surf is photographer Jason Hall. I tried that single fin longboard yesterday and it was one of the trickiest boards I've ever ridden.

Buoys went up like crazy last night. NW and Waimea below.

Pauwela (7f 15s from 327) and Lanai (3.4ft @ 15s from 301) below.

The Waimea and Lanai buoy disappeared from the main surfline page (link 11), but once you click on any buoy then you can access them from that page.
A bit annoying. I would appreciate any reader that would send them an email to ask them to fix it.
It's a free page, you don't have to be a member to access it.
Support email is: support at

Who cares if there's a big swell if the wind is onshore? I don't.
This is the MC2km wind map at noon that clearly shows you that the north shore is gonna suck for surfing today. There will be sideshore wind for wind related activities somewhere else, though.

Pretty bad wind map, with a lot of northerlies still to come and a high pressure moving in blocking more swell production and bringing more local winds.

The front passed over us. There might be less rain, but guess what those clouds in the area I circled indicate? More cold air moving in... bit chilly this winter, uh?

This is the tide chart for this week. Today is one of those weird days in which there is going to be only two tide swings, not four. How does that work? Took me a while to find out...
Let me just tell you that it depends on where you are in the world. Two tides in Hawaii today, but not in the rest of the world. The moon still keeps revolving at the same speed...

PS. I'm officially over that stupid "have fun in the sun everyone" motto.


Catherine Lamoureux said...

Hi about "take care and share" as new motto

cammar said...

I like it!