Tuesday, March 10, 2015

3 10 15 morning call


I went to Honolua yesterday and finally got a mediocre session there this year (all the previous ones have been pretty damn good).
The north wind gets there more sideshore, with coconuts getting the worst chops and the cave being the most sheltered. That, together with a disappointing shoulder high size, made it mediocre... for the Bay!

But a mediocre day at the bay is still better than a good day in many other spots, plus I checked at least 6 spots on the north shore before deciding to drive there.
I posted an update about mid day and that photo is actually the best set I've see all day. I'm gonna try to do more mid day updates, so check the blog often and you might score (or avoid a long drive).
Here's one at The point.

Not much new on the waves front. Still short period from the north. At 6am Pauwela reads:
5.5ft @ 11s from 354° (N)
2.7ft @ 9s from 3° (N)

The wind map shows the usual (been more than a week) light northerly and fortunately right now at 6.30am there's not much wind at all.
It also shows two fetches, the closer of which has become quite intense and is stirring some waters... (swell coming Friday).

Remember, the wind map above is only a graphical representation of a so called weather map, which today I feel like including, because it's a nice one. What makes it nice? That's totally personal... I see a wild cat in there!

But the real news today is going to be the sun! We're finally out of that band of clouds and it's a good laundry day! :)

Have fun in the sun everyone!

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