Sunday, March 22, 2015

3 22 15 morning call

Yesterday's surf session was ok, but windsurfing later in the day was more fun. That tells you it's spring.
The waves at Hookipa did get to advisory level in the afternoon and here's a couple of shots from Jimmie Hepp.

First one is Graham Ezzy in a beautiful carving 360. Which gives me the opportunity to state that I can't believe how underscored the ones that Kelly Slater does in competitions are.

Second one is Antoine Martin, which I like to call the Filipe Toledo of windsurfing.

My session was at Kanaha instead and this video I did a few years ago is dedicated to Jimmie Hepp.
He's not a windsurfer, he's never been one and even though he gets to see the best ones do their crazy moves at Hookipa, I'm guessing he has no idea of how riding a long wave with multiple turns must feel.
This was my biggest effort to create something similar to the recording helmet and playback disks featured in the movie Strange Days.
Kinda lame compared to that and to the gopro footage you see these days, but at the time it was quite "visionary"...

Here's how the buoys look like today. I failed to notice that increase in the period at the NW buoy yesterday and that's what made the waves pick up in the afternoon. I circled the first 13s reading on all three buoys and the moment in which it really hit in Maui.
Pauwela still rising, more big waves today. 6am reading is: 6.3ft @ 13s from 341° (NNW)

Wind map still pretty bad with the high pressure that is generating this trades episode and only a tiny almost insignificant fetch up north. Fortunately that should change soon.
Another windy day, enjoy it as you may.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice turns and video, perfect timing!