Sunday, March 08, 2015

3 8 15 morning call

Not particularly exciting calls these days, since the poor conditions continue incredibly steady.

Actually Hookipa was kinda fun yesterday in the moments in which the onshore wind wasn't too strong. Sure uncrowded, but also messy and specially cold.
The north wind continues and so do the cold temperatures. Specially the mornings after a clear sky night (not many of those though).

Pauwela buoy says 7.7ft @ 9s from 7° (N) at 5am.
I like it. You just need the right board (a bit more volume than your long period board), but those big mushy burgers can be fun.

I picked the world wind map today to show you:
- the circled fetches oriented towards us (notice a couple of tiny ones in the southern hemisphere)
- the position of the Trade winds
- the Low that is sending us the north swell (and the cold air)

That low is not going anywhere anytime soon. It will actually be joined by another one and here's how the weather map is going to look like next sunday 7 days from now (you find this at link n.0).
Sorry, but not a chance for trade winds for all the vacationing wind/kitesurfers for at least 10 days, I'd say. Come rent a surfboard or a SUP at the shop and PLEASE don't whine about the lack of wind. Thanks.


Still plenty clouds in the 5.0am satellite photo.

And plenty rain just south of us. You guys will be thrilled to learn that I'm gonna wait another day to do my laundry.
I in fact refuse to use electric driers, which I strongly believe should be illegal in a place like Maui. Unless you live Haiku of course.

Have fun not in the sun everyone!

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