Sunday, March 15, 2015

3 15 15 morning call

Morning surf session was way more fun than the afternoon windsurf one for me, and that is happening more and more.

The thing with surfing is that, no matter how good or bad the conditions are, you still get an excellent workout.
The workout you get when you windsurf is pretty lame and kinda harmful more than everything.
That, just like everything else I write or say, is in my opinion, of course. That's what my body tells me.

Anyway, I called for wind scourged waves yesterday and mostly they were. But the more the wind veered east, the cleaner the faces got and this one at Hookipa looks just fine.
Rider Manuel Savage, photo by Jimmie Hepp.

Yesterday I also heard that the waves at Honolua during the contest were much better than I depicted in my call. I only shot half an hour at the very entrance of the road and I could only see the last part of the cave. In that half an hour I didn't see anything good at all. And that, of course, that's my opinion.

On tap today:
Pauwela buoy readings:
5.1ft @ 13s from 346° (NNW)
2.9ft @ 10s from 341° (NNW)
2.3ft @ 7s from 14° (NNE)
Lanai buoy:
2.1ft @ 14s from 235° (WSW)
1.2ft @ 9s from 244° (WSW)
1.0ft @ 12s from 266° (W)
0.7ft @ 2s from 34° (NE)
I posted the Lanai buoy readings because uncle Pat called for 2f 16s from the SW. This below is the map of 7 days ago (march 8) and you can see the small fetch just east of New Zealand. But I don't see how the swell coming from that  area can come from 235. Those 2f 14s at the Lanai buoy are clearly the wrap of the NNW swell.
Whatever they are, there might be some small waves on the south shore, you'll have to check the webcams for that. I can't do that, since it's still dark and I have a surf heat with a friend at from 6.30 to 7.30 before we go watch the Napoli game.

Back to the north shore, only a weak fetch NW of us today, better than nothing.

 The wind should be light and from a nice easterly direction. Maybe I'll have fun windsurfing today. We'll see.
The take care and share motto was nice, but I'm afraid it only lasted one day. I just don't like mottos and their repetitiveness, I guess.

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