Wednesday, March 25, 2015

3 25 15 morning call

Phenomenal day on the south shore yesterday.

With some variations on size and crowd, pretty much every spot was firing.
I'll celebrate that with a artsy photo that photographer Jason Hall took yesterday.


The Lanai buoy went up a lot and this morning at 4am is reading 3.9ft @ 14s from 194° (SSW). 
If you remember my rule yesterday, that's still not enough to get excited. But that's gonna be hard for me, if I think at those perfect walls I still have in my eyes from yesterday.

Now, the distance between two of my favorite south swell spots is 35 miles. The question at 5am is which one will I be heading to. I don't mind the drive so much, but one of the many reasons why I prefer winters (BY FAR), is that you have to get up a lot earlier for the dawn patrol. Not only you have to drive, but the days are way longer and there's less time to sleep. You got to get up at 4 and I can do that only if I go to sleep at 8. Social life killer, that's for sure. Oh well, in this day and age, with so many sheepeople around, social life is overrated anyway...

But I digress. Let's have a look at the satellite photo that shows a front approaching and reaching Kauai right now.

After the passage of it, the wind will turn north, as shown in the wind map below.
The NW swell behind that will bring the waves back to the north shore (which today is going to be COMPLETELY flat), it is hence going be stormy and choppy. Gonna be a bit of a shocker after such perfection yesterday (and hopefully today too).

MC2km did not update his map, so the 2pm one below is far from reliable, but I still fell like posting it, because it contains some crucial information. All I can say is that I'm putting the windsurf board back in the car.

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