Tuesday, March 03, 2015

3 3 15 morning call

Gorgeous day of action yesterday.

Just to make sure to catch a bunch of uncrowded waves, I first surfed a spot close to where I live and then I decided to go surf the Bay. Of course it was crowded, but of course it was worth it.
Here's a shot from Jimmie Hepp that shows how much fun it was out there (other than the crowd).

These are a couple of shots I took.

Jimmie then went to Hookipa where the windsurfing was pretty radical. Here's Morgan.

Today the buoys are going down. To the left is the NW, to the right Pauwela.
I marked the peaks and tried to continue the maui graph to guess how small it's gonna get today. 4-5 feet around 12 seconds is a really fun size and I'm out of here as soon as I'm done with this. Expect a report from Hookipa soon.

Wind map shows fetches (even though not impressive ones) and that low right north of us should keep the trade wind speed kinda light. All the wind forecasting websites are calling for strengths like yesterday though. We'll see who's right. There will be some trades, that's for sure.

So it looks like another great day for ocean action today and while I'm typing this, a gorgeous sunrise is going off outside the window. What a place this is.
Here, let me say goodbye with a tail slap.

Have fun in the sun everyone!

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