Monday, March 02, 2015

3 2 15 morning call

Pretty low quality waves yesterday on the north shore. I attempted a sunset session and that was the hardest rain I ever surfed in. But rain and wind were nothing compared to the lightnings and thunders...

Should be a lot better today with a new swell on the rise.
Buoys: NW left and Pauwela right. Notice the steep rise at the NW. I put arrows to indicate where the new swell reached 2f 15s on both buoys. (BTW, when you read the buoys at the NOAA site, you only read the readings corresponding to the black line, so speculations like this are impossible.)
But that's not a good way to compare the graphs. 2 feet at the NW buoy become less (energy gets dissipated with travelling) and the Maui one. So I prefer to use my knowledge that tells me that at 15s from 330 it takes roughly 12h and I put an arrow to indicate that. The tricky thing is that the swell went down in period and it was only 13s at the NW buoy when it peaked, so I just tried to interpolate everything and threw another line on the Pauwela graph to try to guess when it's gonna peak in Maui.
It really doesn't matter to know exactly that. What matters is that there's a swell that is rising ALL MORNING and pretty fast! So pick your spot with caution.
How big is it gonna get? Well, it reached 11f at the NW buoy and from a direction that is not shadowed much so even if it only gets 9f, that's still pretty freaking big!

What made this swell? You guys should scroll down and see the wind maps of the past days and find the one that shows best the related fetch! But I know you're lazy and for this time I'll do it for you.
Below is the map of feb 27. That fetch right in the middle is strong, but more than everything close enough. It was good also the day after, so expect a few days of waves.

That's why I publish the wind map and circle the fetches. You guys should notice each single one of them and try to remember them for 3-4 days... Can't do that? No worries, there's the blog! :)
Here's today's map. How's those fetches? A little less strong, a little further away, but still fetches pushing waters our way. And I can sleep serene...

Wind. Right now at 7.30am (sorry, after this week I'll go back to my usual before sunrise posts) it's not too bad with only 4mph at Hookipa. But later it should pick up stronger. That's the MC 2km map for 1pm and that seems to be the windiest moment of the day. Enough for sailing?
That I don't know. But it's quite possible.

Have fun in the sun everyone!

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