Saturday, March 14, 2015

3 14 15 morning call

Yesterday I didn't find anything good to do.

The north shore was scourged by the onshore wind, so I drove west.
Windsurfing looked pretty bad, so I went all the way to Honolua only to find out there was the contest. No big deal, I would have not surfed it anyway, because it was big and not lined up.
Most of the magic at Honolua is the offshore direction of the trades (it has a similar orientation of the Oahu north shore).
Yesterday it was sideshore and the barrels were not open at all. Here's a couple of shots I got.
a female competitor pulls into a close out barrel

big, but not much to do after one turn

So I decided to give windsurfing a try, but I caught ONE wave and sailed back in. It was really bad, in my very demanding standards.
Of course when you're good you make it look good and this is Kevin Pritchard in a sick move, but look at the wave and you'll see my point. Photo by the always present Jimmie Hepp.

On the way to work, I took this selfie for one of my MANY fans around the world and it ended up having the Hot Sails Maui logo on my heart... love it.
I publish it also to show that the temperature in Kahului around mid day was quite enjoyable.

Unlike the one at 8pm! Beach party in Hawaii... you normally wouldn't think you need to dress like that, but it's been cold.

My photographer friend Jason Hall has inspired me to get back on the GoPro train and I got one in the mail. These are the kind of shots he's been getting. I need to hire him for a post processing editing lesson.
To talk about today, I'm just gonna use the MC2km noon map below. It's windy, surf is up but it's gonna suck. Even windsurfing will because the waves are still scourged by the wind.
Scourged, you guys. Scourged.
Thanks to reader Cathy for proposing a cool new motto, let's see how long it lasts:

Take care and share!

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