Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fantastic day of surfing all day yesterday. The wind stayed very light and that's pretty much all it takes to have good surf in Maui.
The photo below was taken yesterday and it shows the Butterfly Effect organizer Tatiana Howard underwater while someone is bottom turning over her head. Very well timed shot by photographer Paul of Fish Blow Diaries.
The Maui BE will happen on April 25th and you can sing up here.

Today I posted a report around 6.30 already (scroll down) and then I surfed hookipa.

It was exactly the opposite of what I said on yesterday's call: smaller this morning than yesterday at sunset. But I'm in good company in this case: surfline calls for 5s 11s, uncle Pat for 6f 12s in Oahu, but at the buoy there's much less than that.
4f 12 at the waimea buoy and barely 3f 12s at the maui one.
No complains though, because the lack of wind of these days is making for some glassy conditions that us Mauians dream about. It looks like California with tropical water temperature.
And that should be the case today too, you can see in the map below how the islands are in middle of lovely no wind zone.
I circled the fetches that will make me sleeping serene and life is great in the 808.

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