Saturday, March 28, 2015

3 28 15 morning call

 Yesterday I checked Hookipa first, didn't like it, drove south, didn't like it (onshore and small), went to Honolua, was flat, went back to Hookipa and surfed very windy green trees and pavils.
That just to tell you that sometimes I waste time and money too, searching for waves.

The one decision I'm happy with was to surf instead of windsurf. As I said, I think I'm done with strong wind. My body doesn't like it, my soul neither. Plus it was very crowded with all the pros (and non) photoshooting crazy jumps. Plus I had a new board to try (rack is full, gonna sell a 6.6 Merrick Black Beauty, stay tuned for the photo tomorrow).

I also enjoyed very much watching the crazy windsurfing jumps from the water. This one from Kevin Pritchard is a good example. Photo by Jimmie Hepp.

This is from where I had my lunch before going to work and it shows the crowd, the strong wind and the good jumping conditions.

Not much to expect today. The waves on the north shore are down to the pure windswell. Pauwela is in fact reading 6.3ft @ 8s from 80° (E) at 5am.

Lanai is still reading 1.7ft @ 13s from 186° (S) and that's good news for my 6.30am SUP lesson students, we're gonna have perfect beginner waves. No report from Hookipa today, but here's my guess. Not much wind in the morning (easterly wind gets stronger later on) and could be fun small weak windswell waves. Bring a longboard.

The wind is finally going to be a little lighter than it has been the past couple of days. This is the MC2km map at 1pm.

The wind map shows a couple of NW fetches and still a small fetch down under.

Tomorrow a new NW swell will pickup. Pat Caldwell is calling it at 7f 16s, but that's Oahu and he actually put the direction at WNW. No signs of it at the NW buoy yet, I don't think it's gonna be here in the early morning, but we'll see in tomorrow's call.

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