Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday 6 28 19 morning call

Less than an hour ago Jimmie Hepp saw the light of a beautiful sunrise and went outside to take this shot.

5am significant buoy readings
South shore
1.3ft @ 11s from 190° (S)

1.5ft @ 11s from 180° (S)
1ft @ 15s from 194° (SSW)

The numbers at Lanai are decent and but there's only occasional sets once in a while in Lahaina, plus it's onshore this morning. I wonder if it's a southerly flow associated with the clouds west of us. No signs of the new long period swell (should start with 20s or more) predicted for tomorrow.

North shore
5.4ft @ 7s from 91° (E)

Easterly windswell building, but from that direction Hookipa will still be flat. Eastern exposures won't.

Wind map at noon.

Only easterly windswell in the North Pacific.

South Pacific has a fetch, but it's only 20 knots. Not gonna do much for us.

Morning sky.

It's been wet just west of us the last few days. 6.15am.

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