Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sunday 6 30 19 morning call

I forgot to shut down the computer yesterday evening and this morning I had this image on my browser: the Lahaina webcam showing solid head high size at sunset. Today should be quite bigger, but I hope I'll be on the road already when the sun comes out, so you guys check it out yourselves. I haven't surfed for a week!

3am significant buoy readings
South shore
2.8ft @ 20s from 193° (SSW)

2.5ft @ 18s from 200° (SSW)

Very solid numbers at the buoy. As a reference, one of the biggest south swells I've seen here was 4ft 20s. As usual, many spots will close out at the size/period combo, so look for places that can hold. Below is the week's tide graphs for Lahaina, notice the extreme lows and highs due to the new moon.

North shore
3.9ft @ 8s from 63° (ENE)

Windswell up one second and from a less easterly direction, Hookipa might have some small breakers.

Wind map at noon.

Only windswell in the North Pacific.

South Pacific has a small fetch way down south, with a much bigger "blue" one above (aiming to the Americas, but hopefully with some angular spreading for us).

Morning sky.

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