Sunday, March 15, 2020

Sunday 3 15 20 morning call

I didn't take any photos yesterday, this is Annie Reickert gracefully bailing in a wipeout that busted her stick. Photo by Erick Aeder.

4am significant buoy readings and discussion
South shore
Nothing at the buoys, check the Lahaina webcam if interested. There's not much, but I heard of small waves in Kihei yesterday, although the Kalama cam shows not much over there either.

North shore
5.4ft @ 11s from 334° (NNW)
4.3ft @ 9s from 343° (NNW)

5ft @ 9s from 354° (N)            
4.9ft @ 12s from 331° (NNW)

4.4ft @ 12s from 329° (NW)
2.7ft @ 9s from 342° (NNW)

4.7ft @ 12s from 335° (NNW)
3.5ft @ 9s from 22° (NNE)
NNW swell coming down and revealing still a bit of energy from the NNE. At that size, Hookipa will be a much more manageable size (gonna guess head to head and a half from home), which, in turns and on a Sunday, means high crowd advisory. Will try to post a beach report later, but no guarantee. Once again, seen the direction, all spots on the north shore should have waves. Small kine but not flat is my guess for Honolua.

Wind map at noon (the other ones can be found at link n.-2 of GP's meteo websites list in the right column).

North Pacific has a three small/weak fetches scattered across its area.

South shore has a low NE of New Zealand with a tiny fetch, but it's the low that is now by New Caledonia (red arrow) that will move in its place and have a much better fetch in the next few days.

Morning sky.

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