Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Wednesday 9 1 21 morning call

I bragged about my day yesterday by sending a photo of some of the stuff I used to a friend: "Was a really good day. Four different disciplines sessions, two tens, two sevens. Kai Penny will take it."

And of course, as soon as I sent it, the notification of this new video of Kai Lenny popped up!

Grande Kai, always inspiring. This was session two of Penny. Shoulder high, clean and empty. No outer island secret spot either.

Session four was winging at Kanaha. Had I known the Toscano's were out at a peaceful, tiny, light wind Hookipa, I would have joined them.

Sunset was appropriate.

6am Surfline significant buoy readings and discussion

South shore

1.5ft @ 9s from 173° (S)
1.4ft @ 11s from 179° (S)
0.8ft @ 15s from 199° (SSW)
0.7ft @ 13s from 184° (S)

Based on the readings, I would have thought it's not a south shore day. But then I saw this... that's why the Lahaina webcam must always be checked (if interested), for size, conditions and consistency.

North shore

2.4ft @ 8s from 65° (ENE)
0.8ft @ 12s from 62° (ENE)
0.8ft @ 11s from 82° (E)

North shore still flat.

Wind conditions updated from NOAA page.
The weak trough north of the islands that has recently disrupted trade flow and introduced several days of light winds will be moving west of the area through the day. This will allow high pressure centered far northeast of the state to assert more of an influence through late week. The tighter pressure gradient produced from this high will reawaken more areawide moderate to locally strong trade winds from early Thursday into the Labor Day Weekend.

Forecast and energy spectrum of Pauwela from this PACIOOS page.

Wind map at noon. The other ones can be found here (click on animation of the 10 meter column).

Fetches map
(circles legend: red: direct aim, blue: angular spreading, black: blocked, yellow: possibly over the ice sheet) from Windy.
North Pacific
(about 4 days travel time from the NW corner of the North Pacific):

South Pacific
(about 7 days travel time from east/west of New Zealand):

Morning sky.

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