Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Tuesday 11 7 17 morning call

Yesterday morning I was busy with a lesson so I missed out on some fun foiling conditions. Jason Hall is borrowing a converted 7.2 Southpoint.

In the afternoon, the Aloha Classic had some good conditions with head to logo high waves that jumped into the 11s range. Photo by Si Crowther from this gallery.
They following categories were completed:
- Amateur won by Damien Girardin
- Masters won by Kai Katchadourian
- Grandmasters won by Colin Baker.

Tonight at 7pm at Rock and Brews in Paia there will be the premiere of the movie That's surf west.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore

No indication of southerly energy at the outer buoys. Surfline has a new long period swell rising all day (1f 15s at 8am and 2+f 14s tomorrow).

North shore
6.4ft @ 10s from 46° (NE)

5.9ft @ 11s from 22° (NNE)
3.4ft @ 9s from 25° (NNE)

5.5ft @ 11s from 23° (NNE)           
4.6ft @ 9s from 39° (NE)
Moderate NNE to NE 9 to11s energy at all the buoys. Plenty waves on the north shore and there should be something on the upper west side too. Early morning wind should be very favorable (light ESE).

Wind map at noon shows light/moderate trades.

North Pacific still shows the strong NNE fetch and a small windswell fetch.

South Pacific shows a beautiful big fetch in the Tasman Sea. The WW3 model on Surfline only shows a very low swell in a week. It'll be interesting to see what we get. I think it's gonna be inconsistent, but bigger than what they say.

Morning sky.

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