Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday 12 18 17 morning call

Double SUP foiling session for me, both very delightful. This is a shot from Tomoko taken during the first one. Notice once again the relative slopiness of the bump I'm riding (and the cleanness of it). In small days like this, it's all about reading the water and trying to utilize all the small energy that is moving towards the beach. That is an extremely fun game for me.

Auntie is all smiles while she sets up a stylish cut back at SUP foiling spot number 2. Notice her back foot is off the board because she's moving it back to initiate the turn and the paddle on the inside of the turn (she'll plant it in the water to pivot around it). She got a really nice relaxed style.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore

No southerly energy at the buoys, the Surfline forecast calls for 0.6f 10s, probably flat.

North shore
6.7ft @ 12s from 336° (NNW)

4.1ft @ 13s from 317° (NW)

5.1ft @ 10s from 82° (E)
2.4ft @ 13s from 330° (NW)
1.8ft @ 11s from 63° (ENE)

New NW swell arrived, but it's smaller than predicted as the picture below (Pauwela graph and Surfline forecast) shows. Those 5f 10 from 82 shouldn't hit Hookipa much, but those almost 2f 11s from 63 should, so there will be a bit of mixed energy, but thanks to the lack of wind in the early morning, conditions should be pretty clean again. Stay tuned for a beach report before 7am.

Wind map at noon shows very light trades. The day should start windless though.

North Pacific shows a good distant NW fetch.

Nothing of relevance in the South Pacific.

Morning sky.

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