Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday 5 13 18 morning call

A short shortboard session for me yesterday, as the conditions at Hookipa were quite poor (still better than this morning though, as the beach report below shows). In the afternoon, the waves picked up a notch and the windsurfers had a fun day. Photo by Jimmie Hepp from this gallery.

5am significant buoy readings
South shore

1.5ft @ 14s from 148° (SE)

Bit of southerly energy at the W buoy, while the Surfline forecast calls for 0.9f 15s + 1.3f 10s. Yesterday I got reports of the usual knee to occasionally waist high and I'm gonna guess today is going to be similar. A much longer period low swell is predicted for tomorrow (1.2f 22s).

North shore
5.5ft @ 8s
4.6ft @ 10s
4.1ft @ 8s from 78° (ENE)
2.1ft @ 5s from 59° (ENE)
2ft @ 11s from 341° (NNW)
The energy of that wide fetch I posted yesterday (specially May 10th) did arrive in the form of a small reinforcement mid day yesterday (red arrow in the collage below). Suspiciously, it didn't last long though and today Pauwela has pretty small numbers, reflected by the small size of the waves at Hookipa (see beach report below this post). The Surfline forecast on the right of the collage below looks like a pick-a-stick game and that's not a good thing. But it does show a new small swell peaking tomorrow at 2pm at 4.2f 11s from 334 (green line). Honestly, I'm a bit confused about the origin of this last one. Maybe that's the swell from the fetch of May 10th while yesterday's reinforcement was from another source? Hopefully Pat Caldwell analysis will shed light upon us as usual.

Wind map at noon.

North Pacific shows small scattered fetches, typical of the season.

South Pacific has not kicked in gear just yet. Nothing of relevance down under.

Morning sky.

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