Sunday, February 01, 2015

1 2 15 morning call

Yesterday we had big lumpy waves all day for the reasons explained in yesterday's call. Scroll down and read it if you missed it (and if you care).

Morning session was fun for me. Then I took a few shots at Hookipa for the blog. This is Mattias trying to ride a big one at Lanes, but the whole thing is about to shut down on him and he had to kick out. I wasn't missing being out there with my buddies. I can do big if it's clean, but that looked like a lot of work.

Sunset session was a bit of a carbon copy. This guy is trying to make sense of this wave at Middles.
I was very happy with the smaller spots I chose.
Of course, in order to find cleaner conditions, you can always look for spots that are not so openly exposed to the swell direction. That was true yesterday and it's gonna be even more true today, since there's a bit more wind on it. Sensors are already reading 15mph from 20 degrees at 7am in Kahului, so you can imagine how bad the shape of the waves will be on the north shore.
Below is the 1pm wind forecast (MC @ 2km) and you can see that there's no hope of clean surf on the north shore all day.

Well that's too bad, because it's superbowl sunday and that's always a great time to be surfing.
It's also too bad, because the swell will be steadily pumping all day too, as the graph of the three buoys shows below. I put two arrows on the direction line of the NW buoy, to show how the swell did turn more NW and that means less shadowing from the upstream island for us. In other words, more size and more consistency.
I also put an arrow on a bit of a dip in the size at the NW buoy. 16 hours later (tonight at sunset), we can expect that drop in the size in Maui too.

Wind map below shows a couple of fetches, so we can sleep serene.

Closeup shows NNE wind, but we knew that already.


(Get in the car and) have fun in the sun everyone!

Oh, the "Legends of the bay contest" will be running this morning at the Honolua Cave, so expect lots of cars and surfers over there...

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