Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2 25 15 morning call

Windsurfing shot from yesterday to start the call. Sailor: Morgan Noireaux, photog Jimmie Hepp.

Before I get into the call, I'd like to share this flyer that has been seen at Hookipa. A 23yo german surfer died and his mom came all the way here because his son watched a surf movie from Hawaii in which they did a paddle out for a fellow surfer. He was very emotionally touched and told his mom about it. And now she's here looking for surfers for a paddle out for him. Gonna happen this morning, Wednesday 25 at 8am.

Buoys are interesting this morning. These three are NW, W and Waimea. The first two show a significant rise up to almost 8f. The third is not showing much of that.

These other two are Pauwela and Lanai. No sign of that rise either. What do you guys think? Where did the swell go? All dissipated into refraction?
I think it's gonna get bigger today...
Too bad there's wind and windswell (6f 8s) to ruin it. Another good day for wind related sports though.

Another relatively bad wind map. Not much energy generated towards us. Where that low is, there will be some bad weather all next week. NE wind, rain and medium/short period waves. Not good.
Not complaining, just reporting, that's my duty.
Have fun in the sun everyone!

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Weasels wake said...

re: The post about the note that was posted at Hookipa (a germen guy that died), an amazing turnout, I wish I was one of them, you can read about it more here.,26539.0.html

It gave me more belief in our own humanity in a big way.

cammar said...