Thursday, February 12, 2015

2 12 15 morning call

This "large and sloppy northwest swell" (like the guys at NOAA rightly call it) continues with a remarkable steadiness shown by the buoy graphs below.
10f 15s on day three is pretty remarkable, I believe the Jaws surfers have been logging hours of practice. I wonder if a 2 hour session at Jaws will make you more tired that a 2 hour session somewhere else. Probably. If anything, for the emotional stress.
Instead I've been surfing a spot for five days in a row that I've never really liked before (for different reasons) and today is gonna be day six. Things change, my skill and confidence level is one of them.

Let's not forget though, that this has been a large a sloppy swell with the exception with the very onset of it, in the morning of Tuesday. The first sets of this swell were absolutely perfect, no matter the spot. I saw some at Hookipa, I saw the photos of them at Jaws and I surfed them at my "new" spot.
Then all kind of other energy mixed up. But there's waves, no complains allowed.

Also because, with the exception of yesterday afternoon, the wind has been very favorable. And it will be also this morning, as the MC2km at 8am shows.

Also today a onshore breeze is forecasted for the afternoon, as the 12pm map shows

Most times, these predictions are based on the thermal effect of the land heating up. As we can see from the 5am satellite picture, there is a large band of clouds moving in, so that might keep the onshore flow light. The photographers won't be too happy though.

This is the wind map, that shows the main fetch getting a little smaller/weaker and few small others popping up here and there... will one of them become the main source of our future waves? Of course it will... it's winter time, no shortage of waves!

Have fun in the sun everyone!

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