Saturday, February 14, 2015

2 14 15 morning call

Great surfing conditions in the early morning on the north shore yesterday, before the Kona wind got too strong.
These are the photos I took at Hookipa after my dawn patrol session in another spot.

Matt Meola

Joao Marco Maffini

thank god I'm not good enough to have sponsors. All those stickers on the bottom of the board would piss me off.

Joao Marco

KP opened the windsurfing dances

this is the start of Steve's 22 minutes long kitemare. Time stamp: 12:40

first time on the rocks: 12:43

his gear kept floating in front of the rocks pushed downwind from the wind and upwind from the current. He's able to reunited with it at 12:46

Steve is pretty much a legend and one of the most experienced guys out there. I've seen him out in giant surf. There was just nothing he could do other than trying to go with the flow. Which unfortunately threw him again on the rocks. 12:49

Back to his gear, but still in front of the rocks. Time stamps says 1:01 and I'm pretty sure I missed another rocks/swim to the gear/rocks loop in the meantime

at 1:02 he gets picked up by the lifeguards. He wasn't in distress, but he did destroy his kite in the last loop

KP in a beautiful aerial. Last shot before work.
Today the Kona wind will be ruling. It's so strong, I'm not even attempting to go surf in the morning.
This is the windguru forecast. I circled what I think will be the better chance for a surf, if that model is right.

Maui buoy still shows 5f 13s at 4am, which is a really fun size, but steadily declining and... good luck with the wind!
Lanai buoy shows a westerly windswell on the way up. West shores unsurfable today, but keep an eye on the tomorrow, when the wind is going to be northerly.


Wind map shows some scattered fetches. The one close to us is the one that will bring a NW swell that, according to Surfline, will peak in Maui tomorrow at 8pm at 13f 14s from 323. Gonna be a stormy one, also because northerly wind will be on it.

Since today it's gonna be one of the worse days of the winter (unless the magic will happen at sunset)and tomorrow doesn't look that good either, let's have a look a next week. The ww3 map today is of Tuesday and shows the result of a dip that the jet stream will have, this time west of the dateline. Waves are going to come from the west, with a decent swell starting Thursday and peaking the weekend. Not sure how much we'll get of that, but at least there won't be any strong winds nearby to ruin everything.
Pretty small stuff in the week after that, it looks like winter wants to take a break.

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Have fun in the sun everyone!

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