Thursday, February 05, 2015

2 5 15 morning call

This morning the report/photo from the beach was posted before this call... scroll down to get the bad news.

Yesterday was another day of intense kona wind action. The morning saw well above average conditions since the wind wasn't too strong yet. I took a few photos.

water photographer Dr. Hall in good position for this one
welcome back Michelle!

there were some barrels on offer

In the afternoon, it was the windsurfers' turn. This is the usual Morgan in a sick off the lip donkey kick. Photo by Jimmie.

 Today's weather map shows that big gyre of lows that is the characteristic of this week.

 This is the graphic representation of the winds associated with it. Notice how many fetches. Better than no fetches, but not ideal.

Also because one of them (the largest) comes way too close to the islands. We are actually IN the fetch. And  even though that might seem normal to Europeans (in particular Mediterraneans), that is quite unusual for Hawaii and that's why the waves aren't clean today.

The graphs of the three buoys shows that too. Notice how many colors in the lines representing the different swells and directions in the circles I drew.
Waimea and Maui still haven't felt the steep rise that is forecasted for today (and that shows clearly at the NW buoy instead), but they soon will. That is gonna make things even worse. I can do big and clean or small and messy. But big and messy scares me.

The wind call is tough today. The MC2km map at noon shows some uncertainty. the dominant direction should be westerly. It should be strong enough for the wind to wrap around the west maui mountain. The question is if it's gonna wrap from the south and provide possible WSW sailing condition or is it gonna wrap from the north and make it even messier than it already is?
We'll find out later. I am very pessimistic about that. I'd call this a good day to do your taxes.

But if you chose to go in the water instead, have fun in the sun everyone!

All the sources are linked in the link section.

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