Tuesday, December 06, 2016

12 6 16 morning call

Two sessions at sunrise and sunset for me yesterday, the first one being the best. Sunset was crowded and it was hard to find the right spot to catch the wave, since a light breeze had been blowing all afternoon on the waves and created the usual side chop that makes the take off at Hookipa so challenging. It's amazing how much a light breeze can influence the quality of the waves.
I took this photo just after my last session, just to show that the size was still there.

My coworker Aiako kindly posed to show this Jimmy Lewis Destroyer 6.0. We just received a bunch of brand new boards (all models) and the new Destroyer sizes are 6.0, 6.6 and 7.6 that add to the already available 7.0 and 8.0. I often said I'm not ready yet for the 7.0. I might be ready for the 6.0 though! Retail prices between $630 and $650.
That thing looks fun at Sand Piles, Kanaha or anywhere on the south shore.
Please mention this "ad" if you go to Hi-Tech to check them out.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore
2.5ft @ 14s from 210° (SSW)
2.3ft @ 14s from 196° (SSW)
Summertime numbers on the south facing local buoys. Go get them today (after checking the webcam) if that's what you like, because this Tasman Sea swell is not going to last long and after that it's going to be total flatness on the south shore.

North shore
5.9ft @ 12s from 20° (NNE)

2.3ft @ 15s from 357° (N)

4.9ft @ 13s from 353° (N)

6.3ft @ 12s from 359° (N)           
4ft @ 9s from 68° (ENE)
Other than the perplexing low height/higher period reading at the N buoy, the other buoy readings make more sense today and I'm glad to see that Pauwela actually records the highest size with a whooping 6.3f 12s. Too bad it's high tide in the morning is all I'm gonna say. Stay tuned for the beach report from Hookipa.

Current wind map shows:
- a very remote fetch off Kamchatka
- a much closer but weaker N fetch associated with that low now moving NE towards the gulf of Alaska
- a windswell fetch. The windswell has been elevated for pretty much a month, but this fetch is slightly weaker than it has been and it's a sign that it's about to die.

NAM3km map at noon shows 8 knots of sideon wind. Today the wind will not be ideal and the conditions will reflect that.

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