Thursday, December 17, 2015

12 17 15 morning call

Great day in multiple sports/spots yesterday.

Let's start with the most important: this is Mason Ho at Pipe in a WSL/Masurel photo that I cockroached from this great gallery.

Here in Maui there was some epicness too. This is Jason Hall at Honolua in a video frame grab by Wade Saunders.

And this is Morgan Noireaux at Hookipa.

Hot Sails Maui going back to the historical Spiderlock design. Not sure if that's a prototype, but I'm sure that as soon as I heal, I will want to try it. It was the sail that Dave Osborne used, and he only used one size in any wind: 4.5.
I feel very close to Dave's approach, since I do the same. Actually, my one and only size is 4.3, so don't waste your time asking me what size I'm rigging if you see me at the beach.
The reasons are well explained in this article that Dave wrote back than. I only read it a couple of years ago, after independently getting to the same conclusions myself.
Using one size sail only is not for everybody. Having a light weight sail like the Hot Sails Maui KS3 or Firelight IS an advantage for everybody.

The Pipe contest was fantastic to watch. A heat with Fanning, Slater and Florence together doesn't happen every day and I can't wait to watch the rest of it very soon.

Below is the graph of the three buoys. Unfortunately you can see how quickly the swell is decreasing.
That's too bad and I kind of called it many days in advance... it's never the best to end a contest (and a whole season) in declining waves, but the drama factor will still be there 100%.

Maui is reading 7.5ft @ 10s from 82° (E) and 5.4ft @ 14s from 316° (NW) and that should make for not particularly clean conditions on the north shore. I would probably go again on the west side to avoid the windswell and even more the wind that will once again blow strong and ruin the waves.

MC2km map at noon shows the wind that it shows.

 Wind map shows a small but decently strong fetch up in the NW corner and the usual windswell cone. We might even get a bit of angular spreading from that other fetch N of us, but it will be marginal.


benjaminpink said...

that new ks3 spider sail looks awesome! what is the story behind the interesting battens? what is the difference between it and the "normal" ks3? thanks!

cammar said...

Hi Ben, all I knew I wrote and linked.