Sunday, December 27, 2015

12 27 15 morning call

I took this photo at sunset at Hookipa just to show the size. It looked like pure windswell to me.

I had an epic swim with an unexpected outrageous current. I thought lower tide would mean less current, but the full moon and a low tide in about three hours, made for a strong pull of water out of the bay through the channel between middles and pavils.
It usually takes me 10 minutes to swim from the point to pavils and 12 to come back. Yesterday it took me 9 and 16.

And after this incredibly uninteresting information, here's a shot of local grom Jackson Bunch with a beautiful tropical background. Photo by OneMore Foto probably from last Friday.

Below the graph of the three buoys. The NW swell at the NW buoys peaked around 9f 12s at 6pm yesterday and it's on its way up at both Waimea and Pauwela. I expect the peak to happen in Maui in the afternoon.

Let's not forget the south swell. Below is Barbers' graph. the 3am reading was 2.6ft @ 16s from 185° (S) and notice how relatively quickly it went up yesterday (light blue line). South swells usually take much longer to rise. Still, it's a south swell, so expect long lulls between sets and check the Lahaina webcam before going.

MC2km map at noon shows the wind that it shows. Should be the last day of strong wind.

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