Saturday, December 26, 2015

12 26 15 morning call

Very average conditions on the north shore yesterday due to a sideon wind that wasn't really good for anything.

Pretty flat on the south shore, but judging from this photo of Teahupoo from Ben Thouard taken on the 23rd, things should change soon. That's the south swell coming from those fetches I pointed out a week ago. Unfortunately, it won't be quite as big over here, but it's good to see that there's some energy travelling our way. No long period readings at the buoys yet, there should be some tomorrow.

Buoys 6am
7.6ft @ 8s from 11° (NNE)
6.4ft @ 11s from 336° (NNW)

5.6ft @ 10s from 103° (ESE)
4.6ft @ 6s from 78° (ENE)
2.7ft @ 12s from 322° (NW)

5.2ft @ 7s from 42° (NE)
2.4ft @ 9s from 16° (NNE)
2.3ft @ 11s from 329° (NW)

7.2ft @ 8s from 67° (ENE)           
3.6ft @ 7s from 53° (ENE)
Unfortunately the graph of the NW buoy is really hard to read and I can't tell you exactly when those 6f 11s from 336 will get here, but it will be sometimes in the afternoon today. Could be early or late. For the moment, only windswell again at the Maui buoy.
Wind map shows a wide "patchy" NW fetch, a small windswell one and another out of season south one.

MC2km map at noon shows the wind that it shows.

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