Friday, December 25, 2015

12 25 15 morning call

Hookipa at sunset looked fun with a mix of northwesterly sets (like the one in the photo) and windswell wrap.

Armpit sun.

Buoys 5am
6.2ft @ 10s from 87° (E)

6.1ft @ 10s from 108° (ESE)
5.2ft @ 12s from 308° (WNW)

4.1ft @ 13s from 322° (NW)
2.5ft @ 5s from 39° (NE)
1.7ft @ 9s from 339° (NNW)
1.5ft @ 11s from 332° (NNW)

8ft @ 11s from 73° (ENE)           
3.9ft @ 7s from 72° (ENE)
Very confusing readings today. NW energy going down at the NW buoy, up at the N buoy, steady at Waimea and gone at Pauwela.
Based on the fetches of 3-4 days ago, there should be some energy out of that direction, but I would focus on chasing the windswell. I don't even know if you can call it windswell anymore at 8f 11s!
Easterly expusures gonna be pumping. Too bad the wind will be on it.
Wind map shows still a strong fetch NNW of us, a new small and weak WNW one and the usual windswell one.

No updated mc2km maps today, but the wind is already blowing 14mph at Hookipa. Three more days of strong wind you guys. Hang in there.

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